Air Q Software

AirQ Software to Analyze air quality information TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1

AirQ is Turnkey’s typically developed software which is compatible with windows and will gather, manage and display results from the environmental sensors of ours.

Our specialists have built up our own product and applications in-house to guarantee they work flawlessly with our pro observing hardware enabling our clients to deal with their information and results adequately. AirQ programming is perfect with Turnkey’s Topas, Osiris and DustMate screens.

Our AirQ programming can be utilized to record and break down air quality data TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 and also other information observed by outer sensors, for example, clamor contamination levels and toxin gases.

It can likewise be utilized to record atmosphere and climate information, for example, encompassing temperature, wind speed, wind heading, and relative moistness which can be useful in making an entire picture and in following the wellspring of any contamination.


Our AirQ programming is accessible to download for nothing out of pocket for clients of our observing hardware.

Latest update

For overhauling AirQ programming you as of now have introduced. (On the off chance that you have to introduce from new; utilize the full installer)

Full installer

For introducing AirQ on another PC. (Try not to utilize this for redesigning a current establishment; utilize the updater)

Web Server

The Turnkey Web Server and Turnkey WS3 were designed and developed for use with our range of environmental instruments. These devices allow you to associate any Osiris or Topas dust monitor by means of a standard Ethernet or internet connection.

The Turnkey Web Server provides a solution which is practical to monitoring and managing your devices remotely, and allows you to upload results automaticallyfrom any of our air monitoring devices. Apart from using broadband or fixed DSL internet connections, the server can additionally connect over 3G or 4G mobile phones, making it a great choice if you need to view and analyse results from instruments located on sites away from the main office.

Using our AirQ software, AirQWeb web interface or AirQApp, it is feasible to control the instrument and continuously monitor dust readings online for anywhere in the entire world. Results can be uploaded and collected or stored using your internet connection and you can set automated emails or text notifications to be sent when readings reach chosen maximum limit.

AirQWeb will consequently interface with the Google guide and satellite pictures for the Web Server’s area, empowering you to container and zoom online to remotely investigate the areas where instruments are dynamic. In the event that you as of now have an Osiris or Topas, the Web Server can undoubtedly be included at a later date.