Alaram Box

Alarm Box by Turnkey Instruments – Controller for Dust Concealment Hardware

Turnkey’s AlarmBox is a controller for dust concealment hardware. It very well may be set to caution clients when foreordained levels of poisons are come to or surpassed.

The AlarmBox is perfect with the majority of Turnkey’s residue screens and can be set up to give sound or visual cautions.

There is no prerequisite for an extra PC yet it tends to be designed to work with PC programming through a PC, PC or cell phone with our free programming or Android application AlarmBoxApp.

It interfaces basically to your picked gadget by means of the AlarmBox’s USB point. At the point when arranged with the proper programming the AlarmBox will consequently recognize the parameters being estimated by the associated air checking gadget.

How it works

With an activity light cautioning framework, the visual lights are clear and require no clarification. The trigger focuses can be set at particular levels as required. For instance, one alert could be enacted when PM10 > 250 µg/m3 AND (PM2.5 > 20 µg/m3 OR PM1 > 10 µg/m3) AND wind speed > 5 m/s. The AlarmBox has the ability to store 16 unique contents, which are spared to its glimmer memory. Once a preset level is achieved, the caution will actuate. On the other hand, it very well may be modified to enact just if a level is surpassed for a particular day and age. Contingent upon the necessities of the end client, this could be a perceptible alert, movement light visual framework, or it could be customized to naturally enact dust concealment hardware.