AQM 09 Air Quality Monitoring Station

AQM 09


Installed with Alphasense brand sensor, with quick response, good linearity, stable performance and high resolution, the minimum unit up to ppb; Designed with the all-in-one type and easy installation

The modular design makes maintenance very convenient; With the function of remote parameter correction, can save costs; With the built-in pump, respond quickly more than the normal diffusion sampling type.

With the Double-layer protection box, preventing it from external environment influence; It’s with the Wireless network adapter, transmitting the data by 4G/WIFI/GPRS, also with optional RS232 connection to display the data on the LED display screen; With the Remote data acquisition system.


Pollution control in traffic environment;
Road and tunnel pollution monitoring;
Urban air quality monitoring;
Emission monitoring of particulate and pollution
sources; Long-term air quality trends analysis;
Short-term atmospheric environmental impact assessment;
Environmental monitoring in residential areas, schools,
Hospitals; Park / forest environmental monitoring;
Industrial area air quality monitoring: Chemical plant, Power plant, Landfill, Incineration station, Port, Sewage treatment plant, Storage facilities, Underground facilities, etc.

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