Brake Safe Portale

BrakeSafe Portable Brake Tester by Turnkey Instruments

The BrakeSafe testing unit is our movable brake tester, which is taken complete with built-in printer.

DVSA approved, the BrakeSafe is appropriateto be usedby UK MOT test centres, garages and authorised test facilities around the world as well.

Compact and simple to operate, it can be utilised to compute brake efficiency in cars, LGVs (large goods vehicles), HGVs (heavy goods vehicles) and PSVs (public service vehicles). The BrakeSafe also offers an HGV testing of trailer mode.

User friendlyand Versatile, it can be utilised for testing on different classes of vehicles, making it the standard for organisations carrying out fleet testing and monitoring, as well as MOT centres and government traffic authorities.

The BrakeSafe estimates pinnacle and mean completely created deceleration rapidly and precisely (superior to ±2 %g). For standard brake testing, the BrakeSafe does not should be associated with the vehicle and can just be set remotely inside it.

For standard testing, the versatile analyzer can be found anyplace in the vehicle. It is self leveling, so will consequently adjust itself to the vehicle’s course of movement, making it snappy and simple to use as it doesn’t should be precisely adjusted. This can spare a great deal of time if testing vast volumes of vehicles in a test focus, or testing entire armadas.

To gauge pedal power and defer time, the BrakeSafe can be associated with the brake pedal with a transducer.

The instrument has pass and come up short lights to rapidly show the status of the vehicle. The pass/fall flat edge can be balanced by the client relying upon their particular testing necessities.

Test information can be printed in a flash and spared with the date, time, vehicle identifier and administrator ID. The BrakeSafe is furnished with a 2GB SD memory card, and an inside memory of4MB, so information can be exchanged specifically from the BrakeSafe to a PC, or exchanged later from the card.