Clamp On

CLAMP-ON Type Engine RPM Sensor


  • Speed Range:500- 12,000 RPM
  • Mounting:Clamp-On type on Spark Plug Cable or can be hold parallel to Spark Plug Cable
  • Power required:5 to 24 V DC, 30 mA.
  • Output Signal::Square Wave TTL Pulse Output
  • Standard Cable Length:Sensor: 2.5 Meter, Amplifier: 3.0 Meter
  • O/P Connector:3 Pin Round Shell Connector
  • Interface:Can be directly connected to PLC / Data Acquisition Cards / Combustion Analyzers /
  • Dynamometer Controllers / Tachometers /Vehicle Data Loggers
CLAMP-ON SENSOR with Amplifier and integrated display

The AEINSTRON ERSENS-25K/ERSENS-27K is a Clamp-On electromagnetic inductive sensor designed for making RPM measurements on gasoline engines. The sensor will detect the high voltage flux field being induced from ignition coils on 2 or 4 cycle gasoline engines. The ERSENS-25K is supplied with amplifier module, which provides input power for sensor and outputs a Square Wave pulse having amplitude equal to Supply voltage. The ERSENS-25K includes an integral 2.0 m cable & amplifier module has a 3.0 m shielded cable with 3 tinned wires for termination. Inbuilt display version is also available for diagnostic purpose & verification of logged data.


The ERSENS-25K / 27K is connected to the Aeinstron amplifier module , The amplifier module can be directly interfaced with your Data acquisition system / Vehicle Data Logger or Combustion Analyzer.