FF-2 Series Oil Quality Sensor From GAXCE SENSORS – Environmental, Health and Safety

IFF-2 oil quality sensor is designed for online measurement of oil state changes. The unique sensing structure and internal model of the device make it extremely sensitive to changes in oil quality. The system reacts to oil changes in real-time and continuously, ensuring stable and reliable equipment operation.

As one of the most comprehensive parameters for oil deterioration, Oil Quality can be used to determine the acid value, wear particles, moisture levels, mechanical impurities, additives, cracking, and other states of oil deterioration.

The basic measurement index for oil monitoring is the simple and direct monitoring of oil state and lubrication effect.


Steel, Petrochemical, Shield , Electric Power, Wind Power, Large Equipment, OEM Integration.

Application Oil:

Gear Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Turbine Oil, Diesel Oil, Insulation Oil.

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