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Know About The Product

GAS Detector

Gas Detector Alarm Model: S311

S311 is a pump-suction ultra-high sensitivity gas leakage detector. Semiconductor or toxic gas detection principle is more suitable for locating and detecting leakage gas. It is compact, easy to operate, easy to carry, and can also be attached with a flexible probe, comfortable handle. It also can show a unique concentration curve.

Product Feature

Ergonomics, anti-skid rubber sleeve
Colour LCD display
Sensor Calibration-free, Original Imported Sensor
Rapid detection of gas leakage points
Optional extended flexible probe, sensitivity available
Low voltage alarm and automatic shutdown
Sensor fault detection and alarm
Fast preheating, fast response time
Audio alarm signal frequency varies with concentration

Technical Details

Tecnnical Details

Know About The Product

GAS Detector

Integrated Point Type – S100

S100 integrated point-type gas detector can satisfy the sound and light alarm prompt in gas detection field, and real-time display the field gas concentration. The debugging adopts infrared remote control, and the parameters can be set without opening the cover.
ZhongAn Model S100 integrated point-type gas detector can transform the leakage gas concentration signal in air into electrical signal for long-distance transmission. The instrument can adopt two-wire system RS3082, three-wire system 4-20mA or four-bus RS485 output mode, which has the advantages of long transmission distance and anti-interference. The instrument can be wireless transmission and can be used independently.

Product Description

Detection principleCatalytic/electrochemical/semiconductor/infrared
Gas detectedCombustible gas, toxic gas
Sampling modeNatural diffusion
Detection range(0~100%)LEL;0-****PPM
Resolution ratio1%LEL;1PPM/0.1PPM
Measurement errorFull Scale ±3%LEL
Status indicationLCD, LED
Debugging modeController
Response time<15s
Recovery time<30s
Environment temperature(-40~70)℃
PowerDC24V/36V ±10%
Output signal4~20mA or RS485
Power consumption≤3W
Relative humidity<95%
Explosive proof modeFlame-proof type
Explosion proof gradeExd ⅡC T6 Gb
Explosion proof numberCNEx16.2871
Ingress protectionIP66

Maximum distance between detector

and host

Measurement numberNo. 2016C242-41

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