G Meter Brake

g-meter Brake Tester by Turnkey Instruments

The g-meter is one of our most prominent and most clear brake testers

DVSA affirmed, the g-meter it is the perfect decision for carports and MOT test focuses and was initially intended for completing statutory yearly MOT brake execution testing. It is additionally TÜV Rheinland ensured.

Reasonable for the MOT brake testing of all classes of vehicles (Class III, IV, V, VI and VII vehicles as per the Motor (Tests) Regulations 1981, as corrected) the g-meter is useful, solid and clear to utilize. It can likewise be utilized for testing substantial products vehicles (HGVs) as per the Goods Vehicles (Plating and Testing) Regulations 1988, as altered.

Little, lightweight and self-adjusting, it will naturally distinguish the vehicle’s bearing of movement. This makes it speedy and simple to use, as it doesn’t should be precisely adjusted – perfect if testing vast volumes of vehicles in a test focus.

The g-meter estimates pinnacle and mean speeding up, and additionally ceasing time and figuring the halting separation. Braking proficiency can be estimated in %g or in m/s2.

The g-meter is outfitted with an inside clock to precisely record the time and date of each test. In the event that you require printed reports or electronic records, the g-meter can be utilized with the g-meter PC programming to show and print the test outcomes together with the time and date.