IDB Accessories

iDB Noise Monitor by Turnkey Instruments

The Turnkey® web iDB gives remote on location multichannel observing of commotion with information logging and programmed alerts through email, content informing, or a visual activity light framework. Alert composes and limits for vibration and clamor are arranged by the client and their edges can be set to rely upon the season of day.

iDB interfaces with Turnkey’s AirQWeb cloud server. This permits coordinated checking and control of commotion, vibration, residue, meteorology, and air quality on your site. Live and verifiable Leq, L10, L90, Lmax, LCpeak and different readings are accessible to see on your PC, telephone or tablet, anyplace, whenever. The announcing interim can be as quick as consistently.

iDB gives Class 1 execution over a 95 dB dynamic range, so 30 dB to 120 dB SPL is canvassed in a solitary range. Particularly, iDB estimates both dB(A) and dB(C) recurrence weightings all the while, with F or S time weightings. And additionally Leq over the revealing interim, iDB likewise reports factual qualities, for example, L10, L90 and Lmax in both dB(A) and dB(C) all the while. Other measurable sound pointers over subjective periods can be computed inside AirQWeb from the transferred readings. For Class 1 clamor checking at the same time with vibration observing, see our iVIBEseismic screen.