IFW-2B Series Moisture Content Sensors GAXCE SENSORS – Environmental, Health and Safety

A FW-2B sensor is an intelligent sensor that is specially designed for measuring the moisture content of oil online. It is extremely sensitive to change, and can provide continuous and accurate online monitoring of free water as well as emulsified water, in order to provide 360 Degrees of complete oil real-time moisture monitoring in azimuth, which offers a powerful and scientific guarantee of equipment stability.

Utilizing the latest scientific research technology, using a new circuit design and model algorithm, this product fully takes temperature, flow rate, and so on into account in the online monitoring process. Soft hardware parallel compensation mode is used, even if the oil trace water after the transformation is detected by the digital circuit at the back.

As far as equipment failure is concerned, it will be announced as soon as possible so that our equipment can function safely and reliably.


Steel, petrochemical, Shield, Electric Power, Wind Power, Large Equipment.

Application Oil:

Gear Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Turbine Oil, Diesel Oil, Insulation Oil.

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