IVIBEseismic and Accessories


The iVIBEseismic is the latest noise and vibration monitor of Turnkey. It offers users a simple and reliable way to monitoring on-site noise and vibration in any environment.

It will give clients the estimations and information required to viably screen clamor and vibration levels and guarantee consistence of your site.

The iVIBEseismic was produced with web availability so destinations can be observed remotely making it the ideal answer for anybody expecting to get to information about remote or various locales from another area. Information is accessible progressively to screen, examination and revealing and can be gotten to on PC, versatile or tablet from anyplace insofar as there is a web association.

There is the office to program indicated confines and create cautions to be sent by means of portable or SMS text-based notifications or a visual movement light framework when preset points of confinement are ruptured guaranteeing you remain educated and in control wherever you are. Detailing interims and presetcutoff points can be designed by the client and there is the adaptability to incorporate diverse edges for various occasions of day for instance to guarantee commotion levels during the evening are firmly controlled.

The iVIBEseismic comes finish with an inward NiMH battery-powered battery which empowers proceeded with activity and recording for up to 48 hours in case of a site control blackout guaranteeing you are never left without the critical information.

iVIBEseismic works with AirQWeb to give a protected online stage to recording, breaking down and detailing information gathered from the gadget. This permits coordinated observing and control of commotion, vibration, residue, meteorology, and air quality on your site. Live and verifiable PPV, Leq, L10, L90 and different readings are accessible to see at home or in the workplace on your PC or on your portable or tablet anyplace you a web association.

iVIBEseismic results can likewise be shown in 3D site mapping with 3D symbolism, live readings and site situations appeared on Google¬ģ Earth.

The iVIBEseismic comes complete with an internal NiMH rechargeable battery which enables continued operation and recording for up to 48 hours in the event of a site power outage ensuring you are never left without the crucial data.