KP810 Single Gas Detector From GAXCE SENSORS – Environmental, Health and Safety

With KP810, you can operate the device in full English, and it has waterproof capabilities as well. A reliable and stable product quality is guaranteed by the machine’s use of imported sensors.
It This product features a domestic leading operation menu, a 1700MA lithium ion rechargeable battery, a temperature range of -20 to 70 degrees, and the capability to be waterproof, dustproof, and explosion-proof, with a replaceable in-line gas sensor.

It It is the best choice for testing toxic and harmful gases, including oil extraction, chemical, municipal, sewage processing, power gas, mining, tunnel construction, fire warehousing, paper-making pharmacy, brewing, etc.
The KP810 gas detector can (customize) simultaneously detect carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide gas.
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