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Micro Brake Safe

Micro BrakeSafe – Portable Brake Tester

The microBrakeSafe testing unit is our tiniest portable brake tester. DVSA approved, it is fit for use by UK MOT test centres, as well as garages and authorised test facilities across the world.

The microBrakeSafe estimates mean totally created deceleration rapidly and precisely (superior to ±2 %g) which implies results produced by this analyzer meet the most recent norms for the EU and the United Nations World Forum notwithstanding for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations.

Little, independent and easy to utilize, it tends to be utilized to quantify brake effectiveness in autos and HGVs (overwhelming products vehicles). The microBrakeSafe additionally offers a HGV trailer testing mode.

Easy to understand and Versatile , it is perfect for associations completing observing and armada testing, and MOT focuses and government activity experts.

How it works

Wireless with connectivity of Bluetooth, the microBrakesafe does not require connecting to the vehicle. If required, it may be used with Turnkey’s Bluetooth transducer to compute pedal force and delay time.

The device is self aligning, so can simply be placed in the vehicle and will detect the direction of travelling. It has a user-friendly menu and is controlled with a simple single-click control. A pass or fail light illuminates to make the outcome of the test immediatelynoticeable to the user. The threshold for pass and fail can be adjusted by the user to meet certain requirements.

All test information is spared with date, time, vehicle and administrator personality and the sky is the limit from there. These can be exchanged specifically to a PC, or exchanged later from its SD memory card, for examination or printing for a printed copy record.

The instrument can be preloaded with 99 vehicle names, 70 trailers, 16 test conditions, 4 brake composes and 8 inspector names. It accompanies a 4 MB inside memory and a 2 GB SD card for putting away numerous test outcomes.

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