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Scarlet ST-109 A high performance Integrating Sound Level Meter

ST-109 conforms to international standard IEC61672 Class 1. ST-109 models measure SPL, Lmax, Lmin, Leq, SEL, Peak and RT60. Frequency weighting (A, C, Z) and time weighting (F, S, I) can be simultaneously surveyed. With the state-of-art microphone
technology, the dynamic range is greater than 100 dB and user doesn’t need to select the measuring range prior to taking readings.

The large size LCD display shows the readings of sound level also the icons to present the current measure mode and the status of the instrument.


ST-109 1/2” pre-polarized condenser microphone build in preamplifier: 50 mV/Pa, frequency range:
20 Hz…16 kHz, Thermal noise: < 25 dB(A).


IEC and other standard IEC 61672 (2002) class 1; JJG-188-2002 Class 1;IEC60651:1979 TYPE 1, IEC60804:1985 TYPE 1, ANSI S1.4:1983 Type1 (ST-109)

The instrument complies with IEC 61672 (2002) class 2; JJG-188-2002 Class 2;IEC60651:1979 TYPE 2, IEC60804:1985 TYPE 2, ANSI S1.4:1983 Type2 (ST-107)

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