Scarlet WindPro From GAXCE SENSORS – Environmental, Health and Safety

(Wireless Anemometer)

Scarlet WindPro is a stand-alone system that allows users to access site wind information in real time from any smart device using the Scarlet web portal. In large scale construction, offshore projects, and marine ports, the nowel smart wind monitoring system perfectly overcomes spatial limitations.

Product features:

1. A web-based system for monitoring wind online. Large scale project management tool for industrial, construction, marine, and safety management.

2. On the receiver display and on the web portal, Wind Data is synchronized.

3. The web portal allows multiple users to access real-time and 24/7 history data from their PC, smartphone, and table.

4. A transmission distance of 400 meters or 1300 meters is possible with an external antenna.

5. Using local WIFI, data is sent to the cloud web portal from the receiver gateway. There are no longer any spatial limits between observers and site wind conditions.

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