Simret 3000 Brake Tester

The Simret 3000 brake analyzer was Turnkey’s first item. Intended for testing the braking execution of substantial products vehicles (HGVs) this bit of hardware was created related to the British Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Convenient, clear to utilize and exact to inside 0.5%, the Simret 3000 has turned into the true standard for the brake testing of overwhelming vehicle and machine stopping mechanisms to guarantee consistence with wellbeing and security measures.

Substantial vehicle mischances are frequently caused by the disintegration of brakes, so normal brake testing is imperative in the aversion of mishaps. The Simret 3000 can be utilized consistently to recognize early decay of brakes, with the goal that move can be made before it’s past the point of no return: pivotal to diminishing brake disappointment related occurrences.

The Simret 3000 can be utilized in a scope of conditions and situations since it will convey precise outcomes paying little respect to ground conditions, vehicle speed or inclination. This has prompted its wide use in mines, quarries and rail footing conditions all around.

A foot cushion is tied to the brake pedal, and the easy to understand controls can be utilized to set the vehicle ID.

The test outcomes are shown on the illuminated LCD screen, and can be in a flash printed by the vehicle driver if a printed adaptation is required, giving quick printed version confirm for the particular test. All tests are time stamped.

Up to 50 brake tests can be put away in the Simret 3000’s memory, and test outcomes can likewise be exchanged to your PC for revealing, putting away and examination utilizing our WinSim programming.

The Simret 3000 comes as an entire prepared to-utilize pack and incorporates a calfskin case for the analyzer and all its going with adornments. We prescribe that the Simret 3000 is recalibrated once every year, or prior if the instrument individual test cautions of an adjustment blame.