Simret F2

Simret F2 in-taxi Brake Analyzer by Turnkey Instruments

The Simret F2 is an in-taxi brake analyzer with Bluetooth availability.

Intended to be fitted forever in the vehicle taxi, the Simret F2 is fast and simple to utilize and perfect for day by day brake testing by the vehicle’s driver amid shifts.

Standard brake testing can be a successful method for diminishing mischances, and with the Simret F2 this testing can occur with insignificant disturbance to working schedules.

The Simret F2 can be mounted anyplace in the vehicle taxi, and settings can’t be changed without access to the a single tick control board, which is anchored with sealed security screw.

The Simret F2 is in a perfect world suited for the brake proportion strategy for brake testing, prescribed as best practice in brake testing for elastic tyred vehicles working in quarries, open cast coal destinations and mines.

How Simret F2 in-taxi Brake Analyzer works

Testing is actuated by pushing a solitary catch. A brilliant, blue light will enlighten to advise the driver that testing can start. The driver at that point quickens to the suggested test speed, and once that speed is achieved the driver essentially applies the brakes to convey the vehicle to a stop.

The outcome is shown with a green light for a pass, or a red light if the brakes neglect to meet the preset levels required. This straightforward movement light framework quickly cautions the driver of the vehicle to an issue.

The pass/come up short lights will stay lit up while the vehicle is running for a preset period. This can be set for any length between 1 hour and 10 days. Lights can likewise be fitted to the outside of the vehicle to show to administrators and bosses that the required testing has been completed.

The Simret F2 is fitted with a SD card for putting away test outcomes and can be designed to back up consequently when the instrument shuts down.

The gadget can likewise be arranged to consequently transfer results through Bluetooth when the vehicle is stopped for upkeep.