SkidMan – Accident Investigation Instrument by Turnkey Instruments

The SkidMan is our accident investigation instrument – an adaptable instrument intended for brake and slide testing, street car crash examination and recreation and also vehicle security reviews.

Compact and adaptable, the SkidMan weighs only 2.75 kg and measures only 22 x 14 x 8 cm. Its metal case makes it extreme and tough, and for included security it arrives in a cowhide conveying holster. Created related to South Yorkshire Police, it is broadly utilized by police powers over the UK and further away from home for street auto collision examination and recreations.

  • Cost-effective tool for accident investigation and reconstruction
  • Widely used by UK police forces
  • Single-handed operation reduces test and investigation costs
  • Links directly to SkidCalc Accident Investigation calculator

How it works

The SkidMan can be worked by a solitary agent, making it a financially savvy way to deal with mishap examination. It has an easy to use seven-catch keypad for programming the gadget, and the client is guided by prompts showed on the screen. The SkidMan is essentially situated on the traveler situate or in the footwell of the vehicle. It very well may be utilized with or without a touch-delicate cushion fitted over the brake pedal, and estimating will start consequently.

On the off chance that the pedal cushion is fitted, the SkidMan can be utilized to gauge the response time of the stopping mechanism.

Finish with worked in printer, any outcomes and charts can be printed in a flash – perfect if this is required at the scene of a mischance examination.

Information can be put away on the SkidMan (there is limit with respect to up to 50 tests to be put away) or can be or exchanged utilizing the SkidMan’s PC link to a PC for keeping records and further investigation.

SkidCalc Program

We have additionally built up the SkidCalc program, which supports further examination and reporting of results from the SkidMan.

The calculations are altogether in view of the conventional Newton’s laws of movement formulae utilized in accidents investigation and recreation systems.

Examples of calculations which can be carried out include:
  • Sight line calculations in relation to times, speeds and distances
  • Critical speed calculations
  • Pedestrian speeds, times and distances
  • Momentum exchanges
  • Speeds when skidding and impacting at speed
  • Speeds when skidding to a stop (all or partial wheel locking)
  • Vector calculations
  • Projectile and throw calculations

All computations use SI metric units. Although, in order to assist in court presentations, speeds calculated are listed in metres per second and miles per hour or, if required, in kilometres per hour also.