WinSim- Brake Test Software

WinSim- Brake Test Software by Turnkey Instruments

WinSim is our specially-developed Windows software for the analysis,storage and reporting of brake testing data. It was designed so that it becomes compatible withBrakeSafe range or Turnkey’s Simretof brake compliance testers.

With WinSim, brake test results can be downloaded specifically from your Simret or BrakeSafe gadget straight to your PC. The product empowers the client to store results information in an accessible database. Results can be questioned by date, analyst, vehicle name or instrument serial number. Information can be utilized to effortlessly make diagrams and reports, which can be seen on screen or printed. Test outcomes can likewise be sent out from WinSim to Excel for advance investigation or for imparting to other people who don’t have a similar programming.

WinSim likewise offers the usefulness to add on-screen notes – ideal for enumerating extra data, for example, particular test conditions.

A booking capacity enables clients to make charts representing normal test results over a time of up to a year, and can likewise be utilized for arranging and closing down vehicle testing plans.

WinSim is famous with test focuses and those in charge of following the consistence of armada and site vehicles. It makes recording and checking results clear, notwithstanding for vast volumes of vehicles. We prescribe downloading this product to truly maximize your Simret and BrakeSafe analyzers.