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Sound Level Meter

A Sound Level Meter (SLM) is an instrument designed to measure directly sound-pressure levels while incorporating frequency weighting networks which approximate the inverse of equal loudness contours at various levels.



Sound Calibrator


• IEC 60942 Class 1 / ANSI S1.40-1984 standards accuracy
• Projects sound at 94dB and 114dB for meter calibration
• For 1/2″ condenser microphone calibration (SL-11/11D)
•Low battery indication
• Harmonic waves distortion ±3%
• Feedback detection ensures consistent sound output


Output sound level: 94dB & 114dB
Frequency: 1KHz ± 1%, Class1, A
Harmonic waves distortion: ±3%
Accuracy: 94 ±0.3dB 114 ±0.5dB
Power: 9V battery 006P or IEC 6F 22 or NEDA 1604
Dimensions: 48mm (Dia)x 125mm (L)
Weight: 285g (battery included)
Operation environment: 23.0°C ±3°C <85%RH,850mbar~1050mbar,≦2000M

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