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Gaxce Sensors (OPC) Pvt Ltd. is a company specializing in providing instruments in Automotive, Locomotive, Noise and vibration, Environment, Institutes & research industries. We provide the reliable and cost effective solution to our clients. We have good comprehensive market knowledge and a wide range of products. We have a good contacts in Automotive Industries, Environmental Industries and Pharmaceutical industries as well. We have a team of expert, technical support staff and they are always on hand to help to clients. We are a company who understand our customer value and their needs. Our vision is to provide the hassle-free solution and we will continue to maintain our path with our high values.

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The RECOVIB® industrial accelerometers bridge the gap between the performance of laboratory accelerometers (which are often expensive, fragile and offer low protection) and the robustness of industrial accelerometers (which are sometimes cheaper but often noisy and inaccurate).

Our accelerometers can be deployed in industrial environments for monitoring machinery or structures.

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The Turnkey® web iDB gives remote on location multichannel observing of commotion with information logging and programmed alerts through email, content informing, or a visual activity light framework. Alert composes and limits for vibration and clamor are arranged by the client and their edges can be set to rely upon the season of day.

iDB interfaces with Turnkey’s AirQWeb cloud server. This permits coordinated checking and control of commotion, vibration, residue, meteorology, and air quality on your site. Live and verifiable Leq, L10, L90, Lmax, LCpeak and different readings are accessible to see on your PC, telephone or tablet, anyplace, whenever. The announcing interim can be as quick as consistently.

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Flexible and down to earth, this handheld gadget is perfect for here and now testing of air quality in structures, working environments and on the roadside. With a quick reaction time, it conveys exact readings and can find wellsprings of airborne residue and exhaust even at low focuses. Profoundly successful for observing air quality, the DustMate estimates TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 all the while progressively. It will likewise consistently show the centralization of thoracic, inhalable and respirable particles down to 0.1 µg/m3.

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Wireless Vibration Accelerometer
Industrial Accelerometer
iDB Noise Monitor

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  • We deliver the product with our high quality standards and services
  • Our vision is to provide the hassle-free solution and we will continue to maintain our path with our high values.
  • We have a team of expert, technical support staff and they are always on hand to help to clients


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We offer a range of dust and particulate monitoring equipment. All our scientific testing instruments.


At Turnkey we have developed a range of specialist testing equipment for the transportation industry.


Unwanted noise can cause stress and have a negative impact on quality of life.


We have developed specialist software and applications to support users of Turnkey’s instruments.

Vehicle and Brake Testing

At Turnkey we have built up a scope of master testing hardware for the transportation business.

On Road Vehicle Testing

At Turnkey, we have steadily built a reputation for accurate, practical and user-friendly brake testing equipment.


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