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Gaxce Sensors (OPC) Pvt Ltd. is a company specializing in providing instruments in Automotive, Locomotive, Noise and vibration, Environment, Institutes & research industries. We provide the reliable and cost effective solution to our clients.
We have good comprehensive market knowledge and a wide range of products. We have a good contacts in Automotive Industries, Environmental Industries and Pharmaceutical industries as well.
We have a team of expert, technical support staff and they are always on hand to help to clients. We are a company who understand our customer value and their needs.
iPM Particle Monitor

Dust Meter

It is a useful tool for monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ) in clean rooms and workplaces, as a dust measuring device measures the size and concentration of particles in the air.

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The G-Meter consists of a microcontroller (MCU), an LCD, an accelerometer, and a step- up converter. All of the hardware is enclosed in a plastic case that is 11.65 cubic inches and can easily be stored.

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The Simret 4000 is designed for testing the braking performance of off-road vehicles. It is compact and lightweight, with a large, backlit screen and detachable printer.

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One fixed Topas station monitor can be used in a specific location. Or multiple sites can be networked together to provide a complete monitoring system.Topas is a versatile monitor

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Intelligent On-Line
Oil Monitoring...

Dust Meter

Recovib Feel

Wireless Anemometer

Stationary Gas

Agricultural Dust


Oil Moisture


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Automotive Testing

We have been developing brake testing equipment for more than twenty years and our brake testers are widely used in the UK and overseas.

Noise & Vibration

Noise, unwanted sound by our ears, results from vibrating air particles creating pressure waves. While both sound and noise travel through various mediums, the human brain ultimately categorizes them as pleasant or unpleasant sensations based on acoustic perception.

GAS Meter For Detection

gas detectors offer a vital line of defence against silent killers like carbon monoxide, a thief of oxygen that can leave you gasping for breath. They can even monitor for oxygen depletion, ensuring a safe environment for both people and sensitive equipment.

Dust Meter For Detection

Dust and particulate matter – the unseen enemies lurking in the air. But not for long! Our advanced monitors act like environmental detectives. our dust and particulate monitors are on the frontline of environmental protection.

Business Consultation

Whether you’re an engineer seeking tools to optimize your machines, a scientist studying the environment, or simply someone concerned about the air you breathe, Gaxce Sensors has something for you.

What Clients Say About Us

Suzuki Motorcycle

Gaxcesensors have always been very helpful with selecting products suitable for our needs and offering solutions. They offer quick turnarounds on pricing and remain personable

Giridhar Electronics

I am very pleased with the service we have received from gaxcesensors, with uncertain times we have still been given the usual top service and deliveries.

Culture Instruments

Had the requirement to contact Gaxcesensors again last week or so during these difficult times of Covid-19 and got satisfied with their service.

Supreme NDT Metallurgical Services

RecoVib Tiny USB Accelerometer is cost effective solution grom Gaxce Sensors. Save recording and data analysis time. Also save our time for searching my requirement.

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