Wireless Anemometer – Wr3 Plus

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Handheld Data Receiver

Wireless Wind Sensor

Safety Wind Gust Alert

Scarlet’s advanced wireless technology connects one wind sensor with multiple displays. Inform everyone the live wind conditions without wire hazards or signal interference.

Live Wind Load Warning

Never worry about high wind. Receive live data and high-volume wind speed alarms based on safety standards.

Wireless Wind Logger

Industrial-Graded Wind Speed Sensor

IP67 all-weather protection. Built tough and flexible for industrial installation. Long-life battery up to 3 years of continuous operation in harsh environments. Get rid of maintenance hassle.

Wind Speed Data Recording

64MB built-in memory. Recording wind speed, temperature, air pressure data up to 1 year (10-sec logging interval). Easily exporting detailed historical wind data in Excel format.


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