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Our Osiris air observing gadget estimates airborne particles. The Osiris joins flexibility with precision and is appropriate for use in an extensive variety of areas and situations.

It very well may be utilized for short-and long haul ponders, all the while estimating TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 particles with a goals of 0.1 µg/m3. In working environment mode, it will demonstrate inhalable, thoracic and respirable focuses.

The Osiris can be utilized as a versatile instrument or sent in a semi-perpetual establishment, making it the perfect screen for concentrate short-or long haul contamination hotspots in towns and urban communities, and on locales where airborne particles are could be a worry and require checking.

It very well may be housed in a light post box, and notwithstanding the office to control by mains or battery, the Osiris likewise offers the choice of driving by sun based or wind control where commonsense.

The Osiris has been Environment Agency MCERTS affirmed so clients are ensured dependable and exact account of PM10 information.

Reporting and analysing data

The Osiris works with our extraordinarily created AirQ programming. This empowers results put away in the Osiris memory to be transferred to your PC. With AirQ, you can likewise utilize your PC to control the Osiris and gather results continuously.

Information and results would then be able to be effectively announced and gathered utilizing AirQ. Charts and tables can be traded to Excel for facilitate examination and detailing purposes

At the point when utilized with a Turnkey Web Server, the Topas might be utilized with our AirQWeb online interface. Information is gathered from the instrument, and AirQWeb gives a free, easy to use stage for getting to, evaluating, and putting away your information. It empowers clients to produce diagrams and reports, which can be changed over to Excel or PDF records for additionally revealing and investigation.

Moreover, we have built up the AirQApp for Android and Apple cell phones, empowering clients to get to information in a hurry. With the application, clients can produce 3D charts, begin and quit inspecting, change the design of the sensors, and create reports.

Additional monitoring

The Osiris can likewise gauge wind speed and course, temperature, mugginess and precipitation or a scope of other outer sensors.

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