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Turnkey - iPM Particle Monitor

Turnkey’s new iPM instrument employs a unique combination of light extinction and light scatter to accurately analyse individual airborne particles. This allows the instrument to simultaneously measure all the PM size fractions with great accuracy.
Unlike fan-based samplers, iPM has a proper pump, air filter, and accurate flow controller to generate a stable sample airflow. It also generates recirculated clean air to keep its optics away from dust and dirt contamination. Its proprietary long-life pump uses an ultrasonic mechanism and is virtually noiseless. The filter capsule is interchangeable and can be sent for material analysis of the collected dust.
To remove water droplets when sampling in damp or misty conditions, the iPM has a temperature-controlled heated inlet. The user can adjust the sample temperature set point. Or, if an ambient T & RH probe is fitted, the sample flow can be held at constant humidity.
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