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IFV Series Multi-parameter Oil Sensor GAXCE SENSORS – Environmental, Health and Safety

The IFV Series multi-parameter oil sensor combines patented multi-function integrated detection technology, FOS model data, and an industry-leading back-end data processing module to produce a multi-functional oil comprehensive detection sensor with a wide range, high precision, and low on-line requirements. The oil monitoring industry considers it a representative product with a wide range and several…

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IFJ-3 Series Pollution Degree Sensor GAXCE SENSORS – Environmental, Health and Safety

The IFJ series pollution sensor adopts single laser shading counting technology with fast detection speed, strong anti-interference, high precision and good repeatability, and can detect particle size and quantity distribution in oil samples accurately. By combining Fourier waveform analysis with small particle measurement, high purity oil products and small particles can be measured with much…

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Industrial Pressure Transmitter QYB102 GAXCE SENSORS – Environmental, Health and Safety

QYB102 is equipped with a high-quality diffused silicon sensor and an antiexplosion industrial case. A stable output and display make it suitable for petroleum and chemical engineering in harsh environments. Main Features: To contact Gaxce Sensors, please email info@gaxcesensors.comYou can reach us at +91-9673123829. Kindly visit our website so you will get more product

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