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Metal Wear Particle Sensor

IFM series oil metal wear particle sensor adopts the industry leading high-precision wear particle detector and back-end micro-processing circuit system Has become

Pollution Sensor

IFJ series pollution sensor adopts single laser blackout counting technology, which has fast detection speed, strong anti-interference, high precision and repetition It…

Oil Micro Moisture Sensor

IFW series micro-moisture sensor can quickly and accurately detect oil water activity (moisture saturation) and temperature by using front-end sensitive moisture sensing…

Oil Quality

The IFF-2 oil quality sensor is an intelligent sensor for on-line measurement of oil state changes, with its unique sensing structure and internal model It makes it…

Oil Moisture

IFW-2B is an intelligent sensor specially designed for online measurement of oil moisture content, with its unique measurement technology for oil moisture…

Viscosity Multi - Parameter Oil Sensor

IFV series multi-parameter oil sensor adopts patented multi-function integrated detection technology, combined with FOS model data and industry…
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