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Pollution Sensor

IFJ series pollution sensor adopts single laser blackout counting technology, which has fast detection speed, strong anti-interference, high precision and repetition It can accurately detect the size and quantity distribution of the particles in the tested oil sample. Combined with Fourier waveform analysis model It can greatly improve the precision measurement of small particles and high clean oil products. IFJ Pollution sensors are part of INZOC’s core technology team Using patented detection technology, combined with more than 20 years of experience in the field application of pollution degree of the fist product, can automatically correct the invalid number The correction of data and interference data is very good for the influence of trace moisture and bubbles on the pollution degree that often appear on the site The improvement effect.
Application field: Steel, petrochemical, shield, power, wind power, large equipment, OEM integration
Applicable oil: Gear oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, diesel oil

Working Condition

Maximum oil temperature

Oil line pressure

Flow rate of oil circuit

Operating ambient temperature

Highest altitude

Maximum vibration

Maximum humidity









Model number Detection range Number of channels Detection channel accuracy Built-in standard Calibration standard
IFJ-3 1~600um 8个 1µm、2µm、5µm 10µm、15µm、25µm 50µm、100µm;4µm(c) 4.6µm(c)、6µm(c)、10µm(c) 14µm(c)、21µm(c) 38µm(c)、70µm(c RSD≤3% GJB420A-96 GJB420B-06 NAS1638 ISO4406等 ISO4402 ISO11171
sensitivity μm(ISO4402)或4μm(c) (GB/T18854,ISO11171)
Monitoring index Total number of pollution particles, pollution grade
Pollution sensor Industry name Cleanliness sensor, particle counter, etc The accuracy corresponding to the above performance parameters is a typical value. In the case of exceeding the requirements of the system working condition, the data may be biased, and the accuracy will change according to the pressure, flow rate, vibration and other data.

Electrical properties

Communication interface

Data transmission




Shell material

Cable length

Class of protection




DC 9V~36V


Aviation aluminum



The above performance indicators are suitable for conventional industrial site installation and use, encounter complex and harsh outdoor environment and fluid property changes, customized design according to site requirements, you can also contact our sales engineers for recommendations
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