Vibration Monitoring Equipment

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Vibration Monitoring Equipment

The Recovib.Monitor devices are industrial grade multi-purpose acquisition and vibration monitoring equipment. They provide a full embedded solution for connecting up to eight sensors (current loop, IEPE, single-ended/differential voltage) to a hardware platform that can acquire process, store and display data in several ways.
They can either stream sensor’s raw data to a local machine or send secured messages to the platform. In that mode, they can be remotely configured and customized to fit customer’s needs.
Based on our extensive background in wind turbine structural parts monitoring, the MONITOR devices provide flexibility, precision measurement and dependability – even in harsh, remote environments.

What is a Monitor Acquisition System ? What is it used for ?

It is a system that collects information from various sensors. Thanks to its embedded intelligence, it can already make this information usable by formatting it and transmitting it through different channels (direct, LAN, 4G).

How does a Monitor Acquisition System works ?

Various analogue or digital input ports manage the acquisition of signals from sensors of all types. These signals are then processed by a processor which returns them in certain “formats” that can be understood by the management systems connected to it.

What are the Advantages of Our Monitoring Systems ?

Typical Use of Our Vibration Monitoring Equipment



Monitor-4 (Voltage, Differential voltage, Current or IEPE inputs)
Monitor-8 (Differential voltage, Current or IEPE inputs)
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