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Know About The Product

Dust Meter

The DustMate natural screen is our handheld residue and smoke locator and is ideal for here and now examining.

Flexible and down to earth, this handheld gadget is perfect for here and now testing of air quality in structures, working environments and on the roadside. With a quick reaction time, it conveys exact readings and can find wellsprings of airborne residue and exhaust even at low focuses. Profoundly successful for observing air quality, the DustMate estimates TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 all the while progressively. It will likewise consistently show the centralization of thoracic, inhalable and respirable particles down to 0.1 µg/m3.

  • Reference filter for gravimetric calibration
  • Ergonomic case allows single-handed operation at arms length
  • Internal sampling pump
  • Internal 32k memory records results

Product Description

Easy to understand and simple to set up, the DustMate is ideal for observing controlled conditions, for example, cleanrooms in assembling plants or logical research labs, where it is basic that low levels of poisons, for example, dust and airborne organisms are kept up. Notwithstanding use in structures, its compactness and one-moment time goals make it perfect for use as a roadside marker to distinguish high-contamination vehicles as they pass

Light and ergonomically composed, it takes into consideration solitary task at a manageable distance while utilized in handheld mode. On the off chance that a long example period is required, the DustMate gadget can be settled to a tripod

How it works

The DustMate, in company with our other airborne particle monitors, works using Turnkey’s particularly developed nephelometer. Air samples are uninterruptedly drawn through the nephelometer, which evaluates individual particles because they pass through a laser beam. Then the particles are collected on the reference filter. The nephelometer’s microprocessor has the capacity to analyse individual particles even if there are innumerable particles per litre

Product Demonstration

Reporting and analysing data

For revealing purposes, the DustMate can be utilized with Turnkey’s AirQ or with AirQWeb programming. This empowers results put away in the DustMate memory to be transferred to your PC or gadget when examining has been finished.You can likewise utilize your PC to control and gather results from the DustMate sensor progressively.

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