Sense-3 Gateway Kit

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Sense-3 Gateway Kit

SENSE-3 is a scalable data monitoring & analysis solution giving you access to both live and historic data using any online M2M/IoT monitoring system, such as Tan Delta Online. Consisting of an IoT Gateway, mounted with Tan Delta’s modular Gateway Hub system to form 1 single small footprint unit, the SENSE-3 Gateway Kit allows up to 3x OQSx-G2 sensors to be connected out of the box, with option to upgrade the system to 16x sensors by connecting multiple Gateway Hubs (sold separately) to the SENSE-3 unit, therefore catering for large multi-asset systems where timing of maintenance intervals is crucial.
SENSE-3 enables data transmission using a variety of methods depending upon location and network availability. These include Cellular, WiFi and Ethernet.

Oil Interpreting Guide

Tan Delta technology continuously analyses oil in real time at a molecular level, accurately tracking condition changes as equipment operation causes oil to wear. Rate of change projection enables reliable optimal maintenance forecasting and safe interval increases – thus reduced costs. Contamination or equipment issues cause trend spikes which are instantly detected, enabling immediate evaluation and action as necessary to avoid unnecessary break downs and life-shortening equipment wear.

Product Specifications

Name Product Number
SENSE-3 Gateway Kit SENSE-3


Enclosure Dimensions Weight
  Glass reinforced plastic 149mm x 135mm x 58mm (L x H x W) 400g


Antenna Connector System Connector Other
FAKRA antenna TE 776163-1 (35 pins) MicroSD card slot
Micro SIM slot
USB host 2.0
Wifi 2.4GHz
Ethernet 10/100 BaseT


GSM850 + EGSM900 + GSM1800 + GSM1900 GPRS Class B, Class 10 (4+2)
Class 4 (2W) GSM850/EGSM900 Audio and CSD Data calls
Class 1 (1W) GSM1800/GSM1900 SMS (MT/MO)
Optional HSPA+ (3G) and LTE (4G) support

GNSS Positioning

Receiver SBAS Accuracy Signal Acquisition
GPS L1 frequency WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN 2.5 meters CEP Cold Start: 29 sec* Warm Start: 28 sec*
C/A code 56 channels continuous tracker receiver Hot start < 1 sec
GALILEO L1 openservice and GLONASS ready Reacquisition < 1 secActive Antenna


Supply Batteries
9V to 48V
Standard backup battery for RTC.
Duration 10 years.
Optional rechargeable Battery Li-Ion 3.7V at least 2600mAh.
Inserted via rear battery cover.

System Specificatins & CPU

ATM Cortex A8 LINUX OS RAM NAND Flash Additional Storage
800MHz clock speed Kernel 4.4 512MByte DDR3 1 GByte 32GB+ with MicroSD card


  Storage Temperature Operating GSM °F Operating GSM On Li-On Battery
-40°C (-40°F) to +85°C (+185°F)   -40°C (-40°F) to +85°C (+185°F)   -30°C (-22°F) to +80°C (+176°F)   -20ºC to + 60ºC (-4ºF to +140ºF) (recharge 0ºC to + 45ºC, 113ºF)

Standards & Certifications

CE Marked
E – Automotive Zulassung entsprechend
RoHS Compliant
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