IBF Series Portable Oil Detector GAXCE SENSORS – Environmental, Health and Safety

The portable oil analyzer from the IBF Series utilizes advanced sensing and detection technology to detect the various aging indexes of oil products and the degree of contamination they contain. A digital presentation can be made in real time of the degree classification, wear classification, viscosity, and moisture of fluids.

The unique design can effectively eliminate bubbles in oil and the instrument can be used widely in aviation, aerospace, electric power petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, port, metallurgy, machinery, automobile manufacturing and other fields. Oil testing of hydraulic, lubricating, transformer, turbine, gear, engine, aviation kerosene, water-based hydraulic oil, and other oils, comprehensive monitoring of equipment health.

Functions: Oil Life assessment, oil pollution particle distribution analysis, oil wear state analysis, oil aging state, moisture content analysis

Application: Steel and chemical hydraulic gear system, fan gear box, shield machine cutter gear system, shield machine hydraulic system, power turbine system, coal belt machine emulsifying pump, cement plant roller, reducer, gear box, shipping equipment, port crane

Application oil: Gear Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Turbine Oil, Diesel Oil, Insulation Oil

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